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I've made you a little Christmas present.

I've always thought it was strange that when Geralt has sex with a woman, most of the time, they don't go anywhere, no time passes, and she has nothing to say about it afterwards.

Many times, the woman says "Come with me," or Geralt says, "Let's find a nook somewhere" or they say something else to indicate that they're going to go somewhere private for their tryst ... but they almost never do.

Well, I've fixed that. :D

I've revamped all 25 sexual events in the game. For most of Geralt's trysts, I've sent him and his lover somewhere else. For example, he and the peasant woman in the Outskirts sneak into one of the abandoned houses for their encounter, Geralt and the Gossip go into one of the houses in the Temple Quarter, and the prostitute you meet on the streets of the Temple Quarter takes Geralt into the Eager Thighs Brothel for their encounter.

Some of the trysts were already happening in a private place, so the Half-Elf and Geralt meet in her house, where they were already meeting, Princess Adda takes Geralt to her room in the New Narakort, where they were already meeting, and so on.

There are a few sexual events where what's happening is a big part of the plot, and for those events, I've only added some time, so that anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours will have passed. The events that are part of the plot need to stay pretty much the way they are so as not to mess up the game, and most of those encounters were already done reasonably well, except for the fact that no time passed. So I added the time. ;)

Sex should have an effect on Geralt, and I figure the effect it will have is to make him feel a bit better; the way I've implemented this is to reduce Geralt's toxicity whenever he has sex. :D

In some cases, CDPR already had a post-sex line of conversation for the woman; it's just that the player didn't get that line right after sex. In those cases, I've made the woman say that line right after sex and have added a reply (or in some cases, a choice of replies) for Geralt. In cases where CDPR gave the woman no post-sex conversation at all, I've made some up, just one or two lines for the woman and one line for Geralt. Most of Geralt's lines are voiced. All of the CDPR lines for the woman are voiced; the ones I've made up are not voiced. So, something like three-fourths of the post-sex conversational lines are voiced.

I've tested every single fix. (Yes, I've watched 25 sex scenes half a dozen times each. You see the sacrifices I make for you guys? :P) Nothing in there will hurt your game. BUT, if The Witcher is going to crash, it's usually when a new area loads. Since new areas are loading more often using this mod, sometimes it will be during one of those new areas that The Witcher does its thing. So save your game right before having sex with anyone. (In real life, use a condom; in virtual life, save your game. :D )

Because the area files are part of your saved game, I can't alter anything about the areas with a mod. This means that I can only have Geralt and his lovers go to places that already have special marks -- called "waypoints" -- in the area files already. That's why Geralt and his ladies aren't standing next to the bed but are standing elsewhere in the house when they go inside to have their tryst.

Two of Geralt's ladies -- Morenn and The Lady of the Lake -- aren't indoor kinds of people. I have them move slightly aside from where they were standing, so you no longer have sex with the Lady of the Lake in the MIDDLE of the lake, but sending them inside wouldn't make character sense, so I didn't do so.

The new conversational lines are only available in English, but the characters all move to the right places, and time passes, regardless of what language you play in. When I tested the fix by setting the language to French, the new English lines were printed on the screen, so the fix should still work for you, just some of the lines will be in English.

You can get it at the Witcher Nexus:

Unzip This will give you a folder, SexTakesTimeMod. Put this folder in your The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data folder. (Notice that this is NOT where your saved games are; the game's working data is in another place.)

To the best of my knowledge, this mod will NOT conflict with any other mods. Obviously, it's only for the main game; it doesn't do anything to fan-made adventures.

If you want to go back to having sex in the street and having no time pass, just take the SexTakesTimeMod folder out of your The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data folder.

Thanks to Tommy for the Chapter 5 Order save; I wouldn't have been able to test White Rayla without him. But then, you all know he's the best. ;)
Thank you and Merry Christmas, Corylea! Definitley trying this mod.
Ooh, how cool. A nice little extra touch.
Thanks for the comments, Bam_Lee and KiLLLeR150; I appreciate them!
(In real life, use a condom; in virtual life, save your game. :D )


I appreciate gaming mods and thank you for putting this one together. I love this game!
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flubbucket: (In real life, use a condom; in virtual life, save your game. :D )


I appreciate gaming mods and thank you for putting this one together. I love this game!
Thanks! I love this game, too; maybe you can tell. ;)