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Hi everyone! Maybe this will sound quite odd for some of you, but I like to burn every digitally purchased game on CD's/DVDs, with every possible extra the game has.

STEAM allows you to split the backups onto multiple discs, and then reinstall them from the discs. But since The Witcher is my first GOG's game that'll need 2 DVDs, I don't know if it would install from 2 DVDs, or I'll need to copy the files back again to a hard disk in order to install the game.

Has anyone tried this already? It's just for saving me a bit of time :-D

Thank you!
Well, never mind. After several attempts and download errors using the browser, I had to use the GOG downloader, so I can't split the installer into 2 DVDs and re-install the game from the discs.
You can split the big file into blocks fitting on a dvd, in order to install you would have to copy them to HDD, but this way you can back up the install files if you do not wish to download them again.
You can use 7-Zip to compress the files and cut them to parts: