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I reinstalled The Witcher, with the intention of trying out the highly lauded Full Combat Rebalanced mod ver. 1.6a. [url=][/url]

After a clean install of the Witcher and then the mod, I've encountered a situation that makes it impossible for me to advance. Keep in mind this bug appears as soon as combat is introduced to the player: I can't hit the armored human units at all. They either dodge every swing, and/or parry it.

I read the Read Me that came with the mod, and I've attempted the advised tactical changes, all to no effect. The fast but accurate style doesn't work, and neither does the slower but more powerful sword style. In short, I've spent several hours trying EVERYTHING possible, all to no solution - I just can't ever land even the lightest hit on these armored units.

Over a period of two weeks, I wrote three PMs to the mod's developer, and still haven't yet heard back from him.

Any detailed advice would be warmly welcomed!
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Flash occasionally answers questions that are posted in the FCR thread at the official Witcher forum; you could try posting your question there:

Even if Flash doesn't answer you, there are a lot of users of this mod there, and they might be able to help you.
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Thank you for your advice. I just finished posting there now. I'll let you know if it leads to any success.
As the only combat style available at the start is strong, I don't see how you can be changing between styles.

The enemies in the first courtyards are both unarmoured types of level 6/7 (fast and strong) with approximately two blows (one attack cycle) of health available to them.

If using fast style once presented to you, they will take two attacks (three blows) to kill.

Group style will need ten blows (three complete attacks at least) to down each opponent in the kitchen area, but offers significant increases in doge and parry chances and will hit multiple enemies.

It is most likely that you are cancelling the attack and restarting it before it lands and any damage is done.
Slow down the tempo of the attacks, look for the highlight blade (or the "tooltip" highlight if playing "icons on") to move from level 0 to level 1 attack cycles (and later from level 0 to level 1, level 2, level 2; and level 0 to level 1, level 2, level 3, level 3, level 3).

Also note that if you parry *him* it stops your attack causing damage (and protects you). Jump back (double click or double tap a movement key to evade away and then click to attack ~ Geralt will move into and immediately attack the enemy. Often he will kill the first one he contacts with one attack cycle (possibly two), and can be targeted immediately into the next opponent with the higher level attacks if the timing is correct (he will close the distance if he needs to, as long as you don't re-attack, use any movement keys etc, he will continue from his higher level attack.
Never let archers see your back ~ you can 'evade' away from swordsmen behind you and dodge/parry arrows while you close with and kill the archer, but an archer can kill Geralt if left with a clean shot at his back if even for a moment.

When you get to Savolla you will have boosted attack strength, must work quickly to unshield him (remove his sources) and then take him down with strong attack as fast as possible. Aard can help, but it won't stun him, only disrupt his attack cycle momentarily.