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I have a copy of The Witcher purchased when it was released via Pre-Order. My copy is a New Zealand copy. I cannot install the Enhanced Edition patch for this game, it seems in removing the registration servers CD Projekt has managed to completely destroy the ability for this patch to actually work on my retail copy of The Witcher.

I have downloaded both the Upgrade_EE and English Language Pack found on the Witcher main site. At first the Upgrade_EE will start, but then asks for the English Language Pack, claiming my version of the Witcher is not English. It is, as I installed this pack only a month before hand when replaying the Witcher before TW2's release. I had no issues then.

I tried to install the English Language Pack as advised by many on the forum and CD Projekt support. It keeps coming up claiming I must install the enhanced edition first before I can install the English Language Pack, which in itself is a complete waste of time.

As I said above, I downloaded the pack before the silly redo of the website, destruction of the forums, and removal of the registration servers, and it worked perfectly. Now after all this fiddling by CD Projekt, I can no longer run these patches.

Has anyone any suggestions to fix this issue that seemingly has fallen on the wayside of concern in wake of TW2's release?
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go to there website and download the patches again. They updated them to no longer need to be registered.
I downloaded them yesterday, so I don't need to do that.
Not sure if this will help you or not, but found this write-up posted on site.

Hope it works, and good luck:

Install instructions for the 1.4 patch
(1) Download both the 1.4 patch and the relevant language pack
(2) Create a folder and place both the 1.4 patch and language pack in this folder
(3) Run the 1.4 (TWEE) installer as admin , depending on the speed of your computer this might take awhile
(4) download and install the 1.5 patch
(5) if the game is censored then download and install the Director`s cut patch if you want the uncensored version