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Does anyone else have problems clicking the left mouse button(LC) on a hot spot? Whenever I LC on an object nothing happen right away. Sometimes I have to LC multiple times before I get the mouth, eye, hand selection options. I noticed this same LC problem with The Book Of Unwritten Tales, another Daedalic game, although it didn't have a mouth, eye, hand option. It sure slows things down and is very frustrating. I don't see any threads about it so I guess I'm the lucky one.

I have Windows 7, 32bit Home. I've tried XP and Windows 7 compatibly mode with the same results.



Never mind, I found out my problem. One needs to hold down the left mouse button once it is pressed then slide the cursor over mouth, eye or hand. DUH! It probably states that in the directions. Knowing this sure make the game a little easier to tolerate.

Sorry for the bother.
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Glad you figured it out as I was having the same problem. Will try out the Hold and Slide. Thanks
debbi2qlts: Glad you figured it out as I was having the same problem. Will try out the Hold and Slide. Thanks
It's also broke by an SDL bug, but for some reason they have not compiled the old 2.0.2 version with the fix or moved to the released 2.0.3.

Quoting from elsewhere
"mowren [developer] 9 May, 2014 @ 8:55am
It's a known issue with the SDL library that was fixed a few weeks ago but isn't present in any stable builds as of yet. A wrong event is triggered on some systems.

SDL daily builds are full of other issues so we're forced to wait for the 2.0.4 release before we can patch this problem."

If you want to try the latest SDL it does fix the mouse, but no idea if it causes other problems...

Download the newer release from
You need (32-bit Windows)
You need the 32 bit version even if running win8.1 64bit (because the game is 32 bit)
Copy the SDL2.dll into the game dir and it should now work!
SDL doesn't fix mouse problems.....