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In the very beguining of the game, when you get the Laser Pistol, it simply wouldn't reload. At all. I saved, quit the game and reloaded : weapon is fully reloaded but doesn't reload at all.

I managed to get far enough to open the emergency hatch. After the autosave, I died stupidly and reloaded my save file : the game simply crash and got me back on desktop. I reopen the game, choose "Continue" : BAM, crash to desktop.

I just deactivated the Gamepad in the options : and voilà : everything works perfeclty now. What. The Hell ?!

Oh and the French translation is terrible ; if your translation skills are "Google Translate", then don't translate your game at all.
I had a similar issue with the pistol not reloading (wired Xbox 360 controller on Linux Mint 17.3). It would also fire automatically after getting off one of the ladders or standing back up from ducking. I ended up remapping the fire action to the right bumper, and the pistol works fine now.

Also, I'm not sure if this is Linux-specific, but the thumbstick axes and triggers don't match up with the names shown in the control settings. The left-stick axes are swapped (up/down is interpreted as left/right and vice-versa), right-stick up/down is registered as right/left trigger, the left trigger is registered as down on the right stick, and the right trigger is registered as "axis 5". Remapping works (aside from the aforementioned firing issue), so it's fortunately not game-breaking, but it is a bit annoying since the controls appear to be based around the Xbox 360 controller.