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I have some problems playing The Final Season.
I can play the first episode without any issues but i can't proceed to the second. All the other episodes say "September 25" and there are some empty spaces between Episode 1 and episode 2 (please see the attached screenshot "Note 1").

On Gog the game says Installed: Episode 4 (screenshot Note 2). I have access to the patches in the same screenshot (Note 2) and have tried installing them with no effect

I have tried reparing the installation as well as removing the game and reinstalling it. I have also tried to install it on another computer with the same result.

I preordered the game back on the 15th of July -18 and if I remember correctly those who did were supposed to get the whole game?

I run Windows 10 version 1809 build 17763.379

Any tips on what to try next?
note_1.png (188 Kb)
note_2.png (329 Kb)
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Ok turned out it was my save files causing it. If i removed them everything cleared up. Now I just have to figure out how to import the previous seasons saves without it messing everything up again.