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I can't play fullscreen, there is no mouse pointer.

logfile: " TAssetLoader Failed to load levels " (?)
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I'm having the same problem with no mouse cursor in fullscreen. I bought this game from BIGFISH three years ago, and I had the same issue with the cursor in fullscreen. When this game became available today on GOG, I wrongly assumed that the GOG team won't sale this game without it working properly. The cursor needs to be fixed.
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Sorry to necro, but I thought I should chime in here:

I found a fix, for anyone else who uses f.lux. I had noticed this with a few other fullscreen programs, f.lux causes the cursor to disappear.

To fix on Windows, there are 2 options:

1) disable f.lux while playing the game:
right-click f.lux in the system tray -> Disable -> either "when using The Tiny Bang Story" or "for fullscreen apps" (global)

2) disable software mouse cursor/enable hardware cursor, while still allowing f.lux to work... Unfortunately this will give you a honking bright white cursor!
right-click f.lux in the system tray -> Options and Smart Lighting -> Features and Notifications tab -> under "Tuning", uncheck "Software mouse cursor when needed"

Hope this helps anyone else who forgets about f.lux quietly running in the background!
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