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Dear fellow Textorcists, the free content update The Textorcist: The Forgotten Relics is available NOW! We have added a new Boss Rush mode to the game, as well as Trinkets and the Hardcore Boss Fights (more information below - SPOILERALERT!).

Some additional features are:

- You can now disable screenshake in the settings menu!
- You can now use . and , for moving Ray, as seen in the dvorak keyboard layout. Just edit your favoured keys in the settings menu

After finishing the game, players will unlock the Boss Rush mode by continuing the game.
This game mode can be accessed from the title screen and features all bosses in a row inside a new arena, with its own leaderboard and Trinkets enabled.

There are 30 (+1) Trinkets to be earned in the Story Mode.
Every Trinket can grant a bonus and lower the player’s score or can grant a malus and raise the player’s score. To get a Trinket, the player must defeat bosses and every boss can drop three Trinkets. Tier 1 Trinkets are dropped just by beating a boss, tier 2 Trinkets are dropped if the player beat a boss without losing hearts and tier 3 Trinkets are dropped if the player beats a Boss without any typing errors. Players start with 0 slots and by simply progressing with the story they will gain slots up to a maximum of 5. Trinkets can be equipped at the wardrobe in the hub. While equipping those, some simple rules are applied: players cannot equip as many Bonus Trinkets so the Score percentage is equal or less than 0%. Only one Action Trinket can be equipped at a time (Action Trinkets are activated by pressing SPACE), and the Monocle is the only Trinket used to access Hardcore Boss Fights and it's the only Trinket that must be equipped alone.

After finishing the game, players will get the Monocle (31st Trinket) by continuing the game after watching the cutscene. This particular Trinket comes with a stone to be found in the hub. By equipping this special Trinket, players will be granted access to the Hardcore Boss Fights accessible from the world map. Hardcore Bosses are the same story bosses, but they behave as follows: all moves are shuffled, the bosses attack relentlessly without down-times, spells are shuffled, players have only one life. After beating a Hardcore Boss, the stone in the hub will gain a new piece until completion. With the Monocle equipped, the player’s score is highly raised and goes in the same leaderboards as the story mode.
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