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Why is the space station an insane maze, impossible to navigate without the swapper gun? How did anyone ever move around it normally? Most rooms literally cannot be crossed without the gun, although they seem to be exactly as they were when the sation was operational. Why are there a myriad of puzzle rooms that serve no other purpose then being puzzles for the player?

You can say I'm nitpicking, but it really bothers me, and it's not some small detail. It completely breakes immersion for me, when the game world so obviously makes no sense. Why not just make the station obviously damaged, with broken doors, debris etc. turning it into a maze? That would make sense. Am I really the only person bothered by this?
Post edited June 20, 2014 by Breja
This might be a small spoiler but I believe they used an intricate security system, very few researchers were allowed near the swapper. It also seem more of a maze due the whole go from A to C to Z and back to A to D instead of how it might have played out for the researchers, just standing in their lab and maybe going from one to another and perhaps a kitchen or bathroom in between.

And things like these usually never bother me at all, my imagination just swallows it whole as long as it's consistent and the game is well written (which I believe this was).
Maybe it bothers me because honestly I find the game kind of boring, and my mind wanders as I play it. All the enviroments look pretty much the same, it's all dark grey and blurry with little to no variation.

Or maybe it's because I watched way too much of The Spoony Experiment, and now I nitpick and analyze everything like Spoony does. For example it really bothered me that the lizard women in Dragon Commander had boobs. Why? They're lizards! :D

Still, I just can't hel but just stop in some of the puzzle rooms and just ask out loud "why? what possible function did this place serve when the station was operational?"
Yeah, I know what you mean (about the lizard women too). The station doesn't make much sense, and it seems to mostly serve as space between puzzle A and B.

At least the puzzle are pretty nice.