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Changelog for Update 1.40405.1 (added 04 March 2020) from Steam

Galaxy updated (04 March 2020)
Offline-Installer updated (06 March 2020)
Greetings, Warriors,

We just rolled out a patch that fixes several recurring issues. Please find the patch notes below.

Patch notes

- Fixed an issue where Eli could suddenly die during the fight at the University without even being touched.
- Fixed an issue where Nano Echo in the boss fight would have a voice line in English.
- Fixed an issue where players could cancel falling animation when using attack and block during the fall.
- Fixed an issue where players could survive the fall from the epicenter and skip the fight against Cain.
- Fixed an issue where blocking animation would not play completely.
- Fixed an issue where implants could not be equipped in another NG if you equipped it on an unlockable implant slot in NG+.
- Fixed an issue where players could get stuck between container and outdoor toilet.
- Fixed an issue where poison/shark bots could become untouchable after getting out of the ground.
- Fixed an issue where save data from Patch 5 could not be launched on GMC version.
- Fixed an issue where players were unable to complete Iron Maus side quest even if the steps were fulfilled correctly.
- Fixed an issue with nano weapons that could not cut limbs off big pirates.
- Several localization fixes
- Fixed a synchronization issue with the Kraken Birth Sequence when leaving this level before talking to zip-line.
- Fixed an issue with black squares appearing or flatting that can interfere with the image after decreasing the Resolution Scale.
- Fixed an issue with Brother Eli’s voice when he talked to the prisoner.
- Fixed an issue with bazooka enemies being invincible when players aimed at their body.
- Fixed an issue where players could talk to Sidney at the drive-in while she’s at epicenter.
- The Robotic Disrupter implant should work properly against robotic enemies in The Kraken expansion.
- Fixed an issue with audiolog, sausages, and music tape that cost 0 techscrap from the vending machine.
- Fixed an issue with the Tenta Kill weapon that would continue playing the sound even when not swinging the weapon.
- Fixed an issue where players would get twice the same items when killing two enemies in a row.
- Fixed an issue with crab enemies that could not be killed by a normal weapon.
- Fixed an issue where players would not need to parry multiple times against an enemy that was 2 levels higher than your weapon MK if you have a MK X weapon in your inventory.
- Fixed an issue with a character equipped with a gear set that appeared from nowhere near the stairs.
- Fixed an issue where facial hair would not show properly when equipping certain headgear.
- Fixed an issue where players could die when jumping toward the wall in the Government level.
- Fixed an issue with the Ascension Quest that could be found in previous levels rather than in the Detention center.
- Fixed an issue where a red FX would be reactivated in the eye when launching Cain into the swimming pool after you died.
- Fixed some UI quest log names in The Kraken expansion.
- Fixed an issue with Vulkan error [VK_ERROR_DEVICE_LOST GTX 960] that appeared when the game was launched.
- Fixed a crash when the player used Alt-tab while in fullscreen.
- Fixed a game freezing issue related to AMD driver update 19.12.2.
Ah, I hope I can continue in Downtown Jericho now, which always crashed after a few seconds with "Vulcan Error" on a Titan RTX.
Edit: Yes, it is fixed.
Post edited March 08, 2020 by Jou_de