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can i ask anyone who has used any software that will convert your controller to work with keyboard settings,
i absolutely hate keyboard controls my hands are too stiff, arthritis, so the controller works better for me.
can GOG help me with this, or could they even add controller support, because that would be fantastic!!

thank you so much for having this game, completely forgot about this classic, and i think still stands as a good horror
game, compared to all the first person garb out there at the moment. i still finished it since i last played it and that was years upon years ago.
as well as that if anyone would like to add me to their steam account name is proggers.

please some one help an old man get his controlling game on, thanks again.

oh meant to say, Pinnacle had the best arrangement and the controls were slick, but the software seemed dodge, and i wasn't sending money off to somewhere i hadn't a clue where it was going to. come to think of it, i think i may have paid for it already but it never registered. anywho please someone help. thanks for reading thus far.
best regards,
Patrick F