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This was tested with the GOG version of The Suffering using an Xbox Series controller + Xbox One controller

1) Make sure that your PC detects your controller (Check in device manager etc)
2) Download and install AntiMicro (Free, opensource controller mapper)
Download and install the newer version of AntiMicro, AntiMicroX (Free, opensource controller mapper)
3) Run AntiMicro and map your keyboard buttons to controller buttons. (You may need to run it in administrator mode)
4) Save your mapping to a file by clicking the Save As... button

Sample mappings file attached. Install instructions:

a) Download the image to your PC
b) Open it using a text editor (Notepadd++ works best)
c) Delete the first top four lines in the file. (Everything before the <?xml tag)
d) Change the extension from .png to .amgp
e) Load the file in AntiMicro
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