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In Chapter 18 there's a boss battle with Hermes where you need to turn off a set of gas valves, and cover a set of gas vents, before putting him in the oven. There's a vent in front of the oven door he pops up at and then you're supposed to (I think) push him into the oven with a jet of steam and close the door on him.

Problem is that the animation for him blowing into the oven plays but the gas at the vent doesn't disperse and closing the door doesn't lock him inside. Has anyone hit this before? Is it a bug or just a matter of timing?

* the game is running with the AiO patch (thanks UCyborg!) and with CPU affinity set to 1.
I'm having the same exact problem. If I find a solution I'll come back here with it, but overall I feel I've had a lot of issues, code-wise, with the game. Some events that are scripted to happen are just skipped and sometimes I just get stuck, like with the police man who you have to guard with the spotlights.

Out of curiosity, did you save the inmate that the boss kills?
The guy throwing TNT around? I did keep him alive (up until the boss kills him ofc). Did you save him as well? If so, I could definitely try a run where I let the inmate die and see if it changes the trigger at all.

Thanks man. That AiO patch helps a lot with the bugs but you're probably already using it. It's a decent 'B' game barring the bugs so that's a bit of a shame.
Spent a while there too. Hermes has to be in the process of throwing the gas bombs at you when you turn the valve. If you do it immediately after he pops up from the vent, he just shifts away.
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