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Ok Solus Project, is quite a departue for me, as Wargaming, Stratergy and Race & Flight SIMS are the norm for my gamimng hours.
So trying "something new" was really a big step and the Solous Project did not dissapoint.

I hate and loath puzzle games but the "puzzles" if you can call them that in Solus, are more like an intelegence tests, or solution finding challenges, Similar to real life officer Army training, and with my past, i found them fairly easy and satifying as opposed to the usual non sencical puzzeles which normally infest those type of games?

A Masterpice of a game and a great concept and idea.

The first time play is the best your going to experience though, because everything is new, eveything is a mystery, both interesting and exciting, That feeling of "whats going to happen next" never leaves you, and you really do get the feeling of isolation and the need to explore and survive.

HOWEVER. After 16 hours of exploring and limited and slow progess (don't forget i,m a fist time newbie survival game tryer) I read that Solus Project supported the Oculus Rift.

Wow I thought this could be amazing, so i hooked up my CV2 Rift and sure eoungh after adding -solus VR// to the end of the .exe in gogs parameters box it worked perfect. or as well as the currnet crap oculus software can . The controls though are different, using the hand held controllers that come with the rift etc, I accidentally clicked on "newgame".

Easy done with the finicky controllers, but no problem right, i mean i have 16 hours of saves.

WRONG! for God know what reason Clicking on "New Game" deletes ALL YOUR FING SAVES!!! 16 hours in my case.
Never in 40 years of gaming (yes 40) i have seen a game suffer this bug

There is no way i am going to go thru those fing caves again! and start from scratch! Now you will tell me to go download a save from someone else right?

Wrong I have no saves folder, and you go try right now to find a save game out there, ive been trying for 3 days now, and found nothing but dead links or cheat happens link to a PAY PAY PAY site for a "trainer".

So PLEASE will someone post a savegame pref from when you first make it back to the suface the first time out of the caves, after you have made the tower get hit by lightning?

Do so and your name will live on forever in my house and on my PC!

GOG support were almost sarcastic they were so indifferent and usless offerd the first dead link (irocically a link to a steam forum WTF!?

Thanks for being the guy who read all of this