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Changelog for Patch 1.21 / GOG-13 (added 08th August 2016):
In VR, presumed fix for spawning way up in the air or below the level on reloading a save game/level.
In non VR, fix for gamepad not receiving focus on the explorer diary menu.

Changelog for Patch 1.20:
VR Inventory and crafting menu added for Vive and Oculus
PDA now has interactive buttons using the Vive
Possible fix for crashes or freezes on certain AMD systems
Fix for Messiah achievement.
Possible fix for the freezing, performance or audio issues on AMD systems
Updated Spanish, Polish, Russian translations
Fixes to non-translating words in all languages
Change in explorer diary to try and fix the incorrect number of reported items found.
Rare bug fixed where the sky and weather speed would become 0 forever. If you had this problem reloading your game with this patch should fix it.
VR changes to previous settings
Option for Sep Head removed due to not working well. The functionality is still there however for those who do want to use it, and it will continue to work if you had it enabled before. Can be toggled via the game.ini file HMDSepHead=False
Instead of Sep Head is the new option Use Vive Controller Rotation. When using Vive teleportation movement, the teleport destination will take over the rotation of the left controller instead of the camera. This used to be default on and is now default disabled! If you use a Walking movement mode, enabling this option will let you steer your walking direction by pointing the left controller, instead of turning your head.
VR inventory added! Works for Oculus and Vive. Using head aim for now but we are investigating replacing with right controller aim on Vive in the future. Inventory also allows much easier crafting.
When using the Vive, the PDA changes model into a new model with interactive buttons you can press using the right controller!
On Vive, the PDA now also displays the oxygen and toxicity levels.
Added new option to take over the left Vive controller rotation for movement.
In VR can no longer cheat the first level by entering the caves without the long range teleportation device
In VR fixed wrong ladder teleportation spot when re-entering Landing Caves coming from Highpoint Caves
When playing VR with the keyboard, remember that F12 is reset position and tracking
Swimming improved when using teleport movement. Can now aim at the top of the water surface to allow for traversing over the surface instead of always diving. Might contain a few issues or bugs still but mostly works.
The VR future and known VR issues
Investigating adding controlling menus with the right Vive controller instead of head aim.
Further swimming improvements when using Vive teleportation
VR loading screens still.
Oculus Touch controllers are being considered for implementation.
Additional VR optimizations from Nvidia for GF1070/1080 cards are being investigated and considered for implementation.
Higher default resolution, but since the game is heavy and since you can tweak this freely yourself we consider this lower priority at the moment.

Patch 1.01 / GOG-12 (added 13th June 2016):
VR fixes only
New features and changes
New movement mode: Teleportation - default for Vive owners
PDA is now significantly larger and therefore easier to read!
Game now defaults to AA off and 120 Resolution scale by default for new players, making text easier to read.
Walking is still in too, but must now be enabled if you want to use it. Blinking is removed since the full on teleportation takes over. Teleportation mode allows you to also walk by pressing in the forward key, as back up in case you want to fine tune your movement.
New Vive button layout! To make the controls more logical and free up more space please see the pictures below. Reset now has its dedicated button.
Tutorial improved and on starting a new game you are now presented with a tutorial guide explaining the controls and other key features.
First attempt at letting you throw items in Vive by releasing them as you swing your hand - WIP.
Can now change the pick up range, allowing you to shorten the pick up range to such extend that you must bend down to pick up items on the ground. Done via DefaultGame.ini - HMDTraceDistance
When starting the first level you now start with the PDA already picked up.
On Oculus and Vive, crouch movement problem fixed.
On Oculus and Vive, bug when crouching and entering in-game menu fixed.
On Oculus and Vive, menus now show a VR Work In Progress message to remind you of that.
On Oculus the PDA now rotates into view correctly based on view angle, making it much easier to see.
On Oculus items in your hand are much easier to see
On Oculus can now correctly aim the teleport disc
On Oculus and Vive, death screen no longer has a continue button and now shows the reason of your death

Changelog for Patch 1.00 / GOG-11 (added 07th June 2016):
The Solus Projec is no longer a Game in Development
Galaxy Update
The Solus Project now has Galaxy Achievements
All content and all levels including the end of the game are now available
The Ball button main menu is now interactive and works
Additional Localization problems fixed and improved.
Subtitle and audio issue in intro fixed when selecting female voice
Credits updated
Persistent God mode removed. Must now re-enter god mode after each level change.
Xbox controller can do more fine detailed movement due to a changed acceleration curve
Opening menu while sleeping no longer allows you to sleepwalk
Main menu has early access information removed ahead of the full launch
Menus can now be controlled by the Xbox controller all the way through making the game 100% gamepad only if so desired
Bug in wrongly reporting communication tower progress in both the in in game menu and the message pop up fixed
Now supports the first versions of Polish and Italian translations. Thanks Fabrizio Ferraro and Arkadiusz Skórsk
Ice Path can no longer teleport through the gate with the Sky Ones
Incorrectly reported tower pieces fixed
When you die in VR you now get correct menu
When you enter the menu while sleeping you no longer save outside the level
Can now set screen resolution up to 150%
Can now set walk speed to 0% to allow for blink movement only
FPS smoothing and framerate locking is forced off
V Sync can now be user set in options
Anti-Aliasing can be set in options. Makes text more readable and saves FPS but it gets jaggy
Basic tutorial screens added
If you look up you jump higher
An attempt was made to make blink movement more secure/exploit safe but it is not yet perfect
Items in hand bit smaller
Crash fixed on starting game in non VR while Oculus is attached to a PC
Can now properly dive and swim while in VR mode
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Changelog for Patch 1.03 / GOG-14 (Windows) (added 13 December 2016):

Non VR
- Achievement for getting all secrets incorrectly triggered at 115 found, instead of 118.

- VR now also features the explorer diary! Get an overview of all you've found within VR.
- You can aim at menu items using the Vive controllers instead of using head aim. Oculus still uses head aim in menus.
- PDA now has significant less lag and latency when you move it quickly. The items on the display now correctly follow. Small exceptions left and right might still be possible.
Inability to control the main menu or otherwise loss of input has presumably been fixed, or is at least less likely to occur.
- You can now enable Temporal AA via a command or the config files. This may be more pleasant in VR, but it also makes text harder to read, and small bright things like stars blurry. In DefaultEngine.ini r.DefaultFeature.AntiAliasing=1 equals the original FXAA, 0 means no AA, and 2 means Temporal AA. This can also be executed in the console at run time using this same command.
- The VR ladder teleport spot in Highpoint Caves to Landing Caves now no longer loops you around.
- You can now scale up the resolution scale all the way up to 200 in the VR menu.
- In Landing the jet engine, particles are less heavy in VR.
- Bug where strafing would strafe in the wrong direction fixed.
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Changelog for Patch 1.031 / GOG-15 (Windows) (added 10 February 2017):

- Now supports Oculus Touch! Functionality wise it should be very similar to Vive, apart from a different button layout.
- On Vive and touch pressing down is now walking backwards instead of resetting the camera. Cam reset is moved to R on the keyboard for now since we assume not many use it a lot (do you?)
- Game now defaults to following the orientation of the controller and not the headset. This can be changed back in the options if you prefer.
- AA now defaults to extra sharpened Temporal AA in VR, giving the best possible combination between AA and sharpness we could accomplish. There is some ghosting using this technique, but it looks better than before.
- Extro has significantly improved cameras in VR, along with additional VR bug fixes and polish
- Because of Oculus Touch, some options in the menu have been reworded to sound more inclusive (the same options now covers Touch + Vive controllers).
- Missing voice acting in the intro fixed when playing in VR.
- Presumed fix for the VR ladder teleport spot for the long ladder down into the Ice Path not triggering.

Known VR issues left:
- You can cheat yourself past a door in the Library using VR teleport.
- VR tutorials are a bit rough right now.
- Main menu is a bit cluttered options wise and could use a redesign and introduction of templates.
- VR loading screens still missing.
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Changelog for Patch 1.11 (aaded 18 June 2018):

* We are today happy to announce the release of the major version 1.1 patch! We crammed more stuff than planned into this patch, but all for good reasons. This is why it took a bit longer than expected.

* Here comes the change list:

* Upgrade the game engine from UE 4.11 to UE 4.19... phew.
* Some graphical highlights and particle system glitches we had have been fixed by the UE 4.19 upgrade.
* Change save file location to AppData and potentially fix other bugs with
* saving. We think most if not all reported save problems are now fixed but
* we don't know for sure. Reports and feedback on this are appreciated.
* Fixed problems were AI got stuck on pathing. This happened for example quite often for the Alien King in the Ice Path level.
* Translocator disc travel distance is now dependent on how long the button is held.
* Fixed rare crash bug with inventory scrolling.
* Rebinding menu for controls now works for almost all buttons.
* Fixed bug were particles and star field were missing in the menu start level.
* Changed orange crafting circle to spin instead of pulse.
* VR: Most recent Oculus and VIVE SDK! Should fix some crashes that have been reported.
* VR: Mirror screen now has correct aspect ratio.
* VR: Improved TAA to use more responsive values, reducing blur and ghosting while still getting rid of most aliasing.
* VR: New arc teleporter that uses a blink dash. This has also a much more solid trace than the old teleport. It now also correctly triggers overlaps such as game triggers and ladder volumes.
* VR: New backpack inventory attached to the left hand. Items can now be dropped directly from the inventory backpack.
* VR: First implementation of physical interaction controls. Eat/drink and holster can now be done without button presses.
* VR: New tutorial at the start.
* VR: Right hand is now modeled and grips the held item.
* VR: Player capsule now follows the room scale player movement.
* VR: A blue/black overlay is added to indicate when the player head intersects geometry.
* VR: Haptic feedback added to motion controllers.
* VR: Some motion controller default bindings have changed. Movement (forward, backward and strafe) is done by clicking on the Dpad for Vive, and with sticks for Oculus touch. Drop item is done by right grip.
* VR: Postprocess has been extended to show heat and cold.
* VR: Read mode for PDA. When it displays a story text, it will continue to do so until you take the PDA away from your face.
* VR: Minor changes to the camera and pod sequence in intro.
* VR: Fixed sleep menu overlay not covering the whole field of view.
* VR: Reset position and orientation should now be done with default Oculus and VIVE system menus. It does not do this at startup as it did previously.