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This was an Add-On for "The Settlers 2: 10th Anniversary", but only for the german version. What are the odds to get this Add-On on someday? This Add-On includes a new campaign with the Vikings and fixes some strange bugs from the original version.
Post edited November 09, 2015 by Lebostein
Since it's only available in German (without the fan translation), I reckon the chance is unfortunately on the low side. Would be great though, because it's a pain to get it working and translated.

It's also a fantastic expansion with interesting missions with more variety, including sub-goals, so it would be a good addition here, that's for sure.
The add-on is not only available in german. There is also a Czech, Polish and Russian versions of the Vikings add-on. But as long as there is only a fan made english version I would say we will never see it here.
It was me who made the fan translation of this addon.
It's not that difficult to get it working, I made a helper app to install the German addon on the English game, so it's as easy as it gets: run the helper app, insert the addon cd when asked to do so and it installs. A second installer fixes the translations to English.

You can read about the procedures and get the downloads in the UBIsoft forums:

I hate to say so, but if you want it, probably your best bet is to get it second hand from or illegally download the German addon cd

I'd like to see gog offer it, and I also offered GoG to use my translations for free, but never got a reply to that.
I am still waiting for this Add-On. I have the original on the disc. Unfortunately, I can't buy the expansion anywhere. I would like to see it on GOG, so I can share this game with friends to play online.
I would also love to play Vikings. Guess hope never dies.