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I saw today there is two expansion pack for this game ;

they are

It seems they are not included in GOG catalog . If GOG adds them to catalog , it will be awesome .
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sadly I only noticed after I purchased it
I did a bit of digging around, and it seems that the only digital copies available anywhere are the base game only. I have a disc of what is called a "gold" edition, from the UK, but it only has the first expansion. Seems not even Ubisoft sells a true complete gold edition with both expansions, and I can't even find the second expansion on ebay or Amazon.

I guess this may be an Ubisoft rather than a GOG issue.

Does anyone know whether perhaps the second expansion was released only in a German version?

I'm barely managing to stay away through the one we have now, I don't think I could take the expansion.
Actually, Ubisoft DOES sell a Gold Edition which includes both the expansions plus the soundtrack(picture attached, so that you'll be able to recognize it if you see it online) but, as far as I know, they did the same as with the last two expansions for Settlers IV; german-only release.

But the first expansion pack was definitely sold outside of Germany, in those"non-complete Gold Editions", so why it was never released digitally remains a mystery to me; the base game has been released on multiple distribution platforms, receiving fairly good critics from the userbase, one of the major complains being that, in fact, the expansions are NOT included.

...but I guess that Ubisoft was busy making more DLC for Settlers VII. :P

(Oh, and sorry for the bad quality of the pic; I made it with my cell phone, and... Appearently, my hand was a little shaky.)
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Just installed gog version of HoK. Plus both expansions from disc (picked them up at a local flea mart).
Works like a charm!
(Well it would be nicer if gog had an all-in-one installer... but then, now i ge to play disc jockey again... now that's retro!)
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