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so I get the problem on Wine and Windows that the audio appears to be muffled. If I record the audio in Audacity the frequencies above 11 kHz are cut off. So I guess the DirectSound whatever is only running at 22 kHz samplerate.
Is there any way to fix this? I know there are plenty of ddraw wrappers, but I wasn't able to find any for dsound.

This is especially noticable on the music which sounds a lot clearer when playing back through a regular player.

Excuse the late reply. I am running S4 on XUbuntu (19.04) under wine and I did not notice any difference in sound whatsoever.

I can check with audacity to verify this.

EDIT: I, too, can verify your observation about the samplerate.
Not having heard the music through a regular player, I must say that between playing the game on XP and Ubuntu I can not hear any difference. Are you certain the issue lies within Wine and is not caused by AIL setting the samplerate to 11kHz?
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