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Hello, everyone!

I just recently bought Settlers IV Gold. I passed it a few times when I was in high school some 20 years ago, and now I am stuck with the mission I mentioned in the topic.

Can anyone help me? I've tried everything and can't seem to be able to produce enough soldiers before the Romans attack me. Do you evacuate to the other islad completely? If so, how?
Please, advise, I've tried to do this mission six times already and always fail.

The are two ways to win the mission: the typical and the tricky one.
The typical one is to build unassailable fortress from at least 8-9 medium towers fully populated with 3rd level soldiers. From the very beginning you may steal about 24-32 gold bars from the isthmus to the left, half way to the yellow. To overtake such a fortress the blue (and then the yellow) would have to send at least 150 swordsman, what would happen never.
The tricky way is to evacuate, but not fully. You have to build only one tower, and thats all. Simply. the. one. All the others should be destroed. The key point is to lock the blue on his own island, and thats how you can do it: the forester. AI dont free the space for buildings, never. So, just a few new trees will stop the expansion. Just quickly take the space to the right and build 2-3 forester. They will make the magic. Wihout any towers on your ground territory AI will never attack and you may feel free to build strong economy and even the strong army.