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I have been playing the GoG and Gold(retail) version but both have the same issue and i think i had played versions of Settlers III without this issue.

This problem is relevant to the best Egyptian Archer the one with the full gold helmet.
The archer fires to the unit approaching using a reverse animation.
After the attack is done the archer will change position and fire in the other directions with the reverse animation while not damaging the approaching units(Archers in the example picture) and not damaging enemy units approaching from that direction either.
Making those archers quite useless.

It only happens with the direction from bottom-right.

Is this a universal problem or can this issue be resolved ?

Pictures are to demonstrate the problem
Picture 1 shows the firing of the archers(Yellow) at the Red archers but in the wrong direction where no enemy unit is present.

Picture 2 shows the position of the archers after the units have died or are outside of firing range.
problem_1.png (296 Kb)
problem_2.jpg (489 Kb)
This question / problem has been solved by horkruximage
That bug is as old as Settlers 3, but has never been fixed unfortunately. It shouldn't be a big deal to fix it, but it was discovered too late (one has to wonder why - it's bloody obvious, have noticed this shit as a fucking KID!) and BB didn't bother fixing it when S4 was already in the making.