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We have been playing this game since release with my friend as a multiplayer (over LAN). GoG versions has been really good for us to keep this going... but now lately, there has been some really annoying out of sync issues.

We usually play large random maps with many AI players, like 6-10 and they may be even in the same team to make them bit more dangerous.

Desyncing happens seemingly random. Sometimes really early, but recently seems that almost every game fails at least at the endgame when there's large battles ongoing or starting. They do no go away if we start from recent savegame but fails at the same spot always. So I wonder... is there something the AI doing in the dark which is ruining the game? Why this has appeared now, not earlier years?

My computer was updated somewhat similar timeframe to WIN11. Another computer still has WIN10. Could this be the reason?

Any other ideas?

I guess another way to keep playing is to move to History Edition of this game (Ubisoft) but that's quite pricey since we are not interested of any other games of that service :D