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I have a problem with the Settlers 2 game. I started with the campaign and reached mission VI. Here at some point of the game I encountered a problem that I am not able to cope with: the newly created roads are no longer occupied by a carrier. This refers both to the mainland and to the islands. The area where such new road is constructed is connected with both HQ and many warehouses. I just appoint a new segment of road but a worker never shows up. I tried destroying such road and creating it again but still the same. Also I tried to save the game and then load it up but this hasn't helped. I would like to continue from where I am at in this mission VI, as I've already conquered one of the opponents...
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Is this DOS or Aniv?
Darvond: Is this DOS or Aniv?
The one You get from GOG, it is Gold Edition run under DOSBox.