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I find in games of this style, it's more fun and immersive to remove the minimap. Otherwise it's just a turn by turn GPS, and stops you fully taking in (and learning) the world you're in.

I can just not look at it of course, but it's a bit of an eye magnet!

Is anyone aware of a mod or setting that turns it off? I've done some digging in the configs, and found the settings below in tuner.txt. No luck with anything yet though.

HUD Debug.Hide HUD=off
HUD Debug.Action Debug=off
HUD Debug.Action Vehicles=off
HUD Debug.Title Safe Area=off
HUD Debug.Minimap.Zoom Level 1= 1.0000
HUD Debug.Minimap.Zoom Level 2= 2.0000
HUD Debug.Minimap.Zoom Escalation= 1.0000
HUD Debug.Minimap.Level 1 Threshold= 10.0000
HUD Debug.Minimap.Level 2 Threshold= 40.0000
HUD Debug.Minimap.Zoom-in Grace Period= 1.0000
HUD Debug.Minimap.Fixed North=off
HUD Debug.Minimap.Off Radar Distance= 165.0000
HUD Debug.CreateMiniMap.Disregard OutOfTextureMemory Warning=off
HUD Debug.CreateMiniMap.Orthographic View=off
I want this too along with disabling that annoying mission arrow.