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Are there any plans to fix those bugs which lead to crashes all the time? Even with assigning only 2 of my 4+4 cores doesn't fix them, with all cores enabled it's crashing even more frequently.
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The problem isn't affinity if that's what you mean with assigning. If you have more than 4 physical cores you're likely out of luck but if HyperThreading is causing you to have more than 4, let's say 4 Physical but 8 Threads then turning it off as long as you have The Saboteur installed is likely to help.
Yes, I meant the affinity, which basically is assigning certain cores to a process. I have 4 physical cores + 4 virtual cores. If I choose 2 real cores for the process of the game, then it will lessen the crashes, but doesn't avoid them. Disabling HT via BIOS just for the game isn't really a solution for me. ;-) However, I'm still hoping for a fix from gog, changing the affinity via a batchfile didn't help.
It may not be a practical solution but it might solve your problem enough to play through the game. It doesn't seem like GOG is planning anything but you could always wait a few months and if nothing happens temporarily disable HT, finish the game then enable it.
there is a program know as large address aware
it fixed all my problems
most of the crashes seemed to be when you are handed a note

this only works with more than 3g ram and 64bit windows
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