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First it caused my computer to freeze then it wouldn't load using the stand alone installer. I used GOG Galaxy to verify integrety and it redownloaded 2.7GB of data and the game froze my computer again. I verified it with GOG Galaxy again which found nothing that needed to be downloaded and this time the game finally loaded. Controls seemed to work in the menus though the left analog on my 360 controller seemed to make it a bit jumpy on the menus as the game seems to not have any dead zone area set for analog controls but that's only a minor issues compared to when I finally loaded the game and was at the point I was suppose to be able to control the character none of the controls worked. The game refused to respond to both my 360 controller and my keyboard and mouse so I was forced to simply alt+F4 out of it. Has anyone else had these issues or similar?

Oh I guess I should mention I'm running Windows 7 64bit and I have a nVidia Geforce 550Ti graphics card and 16GB of ram in case that information is needed in any way.

Since I can't figure out how to delete this post or change it from a help post so people can generally reply I guess I'll just post this update in case anyone is curious. While I have not fixed the game for me yet I have noticed my desktop is acting strangely with all kinds of freezing and other issues. Judging from my experience over the years with working with computer I'm guessing it's either my SSD starting to glitch out on me in which case I need to run a repair of the sectors or replace it or Windows has gotten so messed up it's time for me to do a fresh install again. When I finally do either of those (a fresh install of Windows will most likely be needed regardless of what I do) then I will be sure to update this post again and let you guys know how things turned out.
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