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The loading screens sometimes show these scientific type diagrams. One of them is of the raptidon, and it shows how the acid works within it's body (see the enclosed photo). The diagram shows two separate chambers with tubes that are parallel until they reach the mouth.

There is a real life animal that uses this mechanism. It's called the bombardier beetle. The beetle shoots the acid out of its rear instead of its mouth, like the raptidon does. The beetle uses this to fight predators. In the beetle, there are two separate chambers. One has hydrogen peroxide and the other has hydroquinone. When combined, these chemicals form a compound called 1,4 - benzoquinone. The compound is near boiling point, so when you get hit with the acid, you get a thermal burn as well as a chemical burn.

source: Sam o Nella (length: 4 min 2 sec)
raptidon.png (213 Kb)