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I have checked the store pages and don't see any mention of the soundtrack. Can anyone clarify whether this is included in the base game, DLCs, or expansion pass?
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The soundtrack as far as I know, is a separate, DLC purchase, at least on other store fronts. It does not appear to be purchasable on GOG yet.
For anyone still wanting to know, I have confirmed that the soundtrack is not included at this time. I purchased the game and expansion pass, and after installation don't see the soundtrack anywhere
What is gog's deal with not giving a shit about soundtracks?
No soundtrack for GOG version not even as a separate purchase.

I really wish I could buy it.

I love DRM free but when when these things happen, I don't want to support GOG, we are always less important buyers.

Sorry for my bad english.
The soundtrack is now avalaible,

Thanks you GOG Team and Obsidian.