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I know I have posted this in other threads here, but I wanted to consolidate this all in one post. Can the mods please sticky this, if possible?

If you want to play Doom or any other game in the Doom family (Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, Heretic, Hexen, etc), here is a list of active source ports that support them:

Please note that only two source ports support anything related to Strife:

1) Chocolate Strife only supports DOS Strife, and not Strife: Veteran Edition.

You only need to place STRIFE1.WAD and VOICES.WAD in your Chocolate Strife directory (where the Chocolate Strife executable is).

2) GZdoom supports both Strife: Veteran Edition (SVE.WAD) and Strife (STRIFE1.WAD).

To run Strife: Veteran Edition in GZdoom, place SVE.WAD, VOICES.WAD, and STRIFE1.WAD in your Gzdoom folder (where the gzdoom.exe file is) and select SVE.WAD from the IWAD selection menu.

If you only want to play the original Strife, select STRIFE1.WAD from the IWAD selection menu instead.

GZdoom only supports the single player campaign for Strife: Veteran Edition. Capture the Chalice is not yet supported.

As far as anything else (G)Zdoom is concerned, I highly recommend signing up here if you have any further questions:
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