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just bought the game, well al whole lot of Daedalic games indeed, but this one is just not runnig like i'd want.

The dialogues just tend to skip, which is really annoying and no fun to play at all.

There seems to be a patch, don't know if it would help me in anyway, but even if it would, it can't since it tells me it can not find the installed game, and tells me I might want to reinstall it. I did that, several times, even re-dl it but still the outcome is the possibility to install the patch, no fun in playing with skipping dialogues...

...need help...pretty please :D

your Gernhardt

P. S. excuse my bad english^^
Sorry, but this patch ( is for older version, not the current one (which is As you can see, game has a higher number then patch, so it won't work.