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and the game is running bad, cpu at 25%
no settings in the game that allo me to lower graphics or other things, there is one weird file


can be opened with notepad

contents of the file

TITLE=The Mystery of the Druids
BTNRUN=Start Game
BTNINTERNET=To Internet Site and Forum
GRAPHICTIT=Visual Quality
GRAPHICSWL=Highest Performance
GRAPHICSWH=Highest Quality
GRAPHICHW=Use Hardware
MUSICTIT=Music Quality
MUSICL=Highest Performance (Mono)
MUSICH=Highest Quality (Stereo/Dolby Surround)
VIDEO= Interlaced Video Playback
CONFIGBACK=Back to Main Menu

Anyway i uninstalled it cause... i dont wanna fry things :D

ps: wont ask for refund since i bought it at a high discount today :D
it is sad another game is added to the list of games i cannot play.

the edd.exe is the one with a continuous us of 25% ( a quarter of the qaud core power)
temps rise to 66 celcius and up... , the game is in the background , normally the cpu usuage should drop to 0, fact that it doesnt is bad news.... another game in the avoid folder.

Cougar engine v1.0 is shown in the taskbar, turboboost at 3.2(max) all the time ( not good)

check attachment: screenshot001.png

since the game is in the abckground , nothing is visible, thats why i removed the desktop part from the screenshot.