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Love the game so far. Not far into the "Metroidvania" time-shifting portion, and it was really unclear that there is an intended order so I've just been wandering around completing the map as I see fit (as I do when I play Metroid). I think I ended up getting stuck in a place I wasn't supposed to?

As shown in the map, there is a green seal thing in Cloud Ruins. I didn't even know I was going for a seal, I was just exploring. I was in the 8-bit era. This was one of the more challenging and interesting platforming sections, but once I get the seal, it seems I have to backtrack all the way through it to get out... there's no time warp or alternative exit. Making my way back through the platforming portion, it's abundantly clear it is not supposed to be approached from the right of each screen. Finally, several sections over, there is what I believe to be an impossible jump (a large room with floaty enemies to cloudstep off and, when approaching from the left, a downward curve of coins to tell you to glide down before jumping off enemies to traverse the screen). When you get to this downward curve coming from the right, I believe there's no way to make the jump.

This level design effectively broke my save, and I'm bummed because I never play through games again and really wanted to finish this one. Am I wrong? Was I supposed to get an item or open something else up first, maybe some way to shift in time so that an exit will be revealed? Since this is a Metroidvania, areas should be blocked off until they are capable of being tackled, but it's possible this was missed in development.

Wanted to share for the devs and other players, or perhaps to be told there is another way out. I'd love to find out my save isn't broken.


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So I managed to get past what I thought was an impossible jump (my skills are on point after attempting it so many times), but now I'm at what I think is a genuinely impossible spot. Nothing but blue spikes above me and the only exits are to a green seal I already got, and the maelstrom I just escaped from. Am I missing something obvious here?

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You know you can use any shop to warp back to the Tower of Time portal room, right?