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Been keeping an eye on this game since before release. Did it end up being a playable experience, or not so much? even $40 is a bit steep if it's not really playable. :(

Big fan of RE and always wanted to get into, and support more modern Silent Hill-type games.
Very playable. The only time I ran into issues was with recording it, my recording software shat itself every time the dual world showed up. I fixed it by setting the game to 720p and recording software to 720p @ 30 fps, but the game itself had no visual slowdowns on it.

I even monitored it, it would drop down to maybe 55 fps at heavy moments, but that was the lowest it went. So it's possible OBS just hates this game.
It's very playable, but you need to know what you are going into :

it's not an adventure game per say, it's a kind of walking simulator at its core !!
Graphics and music (the composer is the Japanese composer of Silent hill !!! ) are really unique.
I played on an xbox serie X and I didn't have any problem at all.

I know that the PC version wasn't optimized enough, in the beginning.... I don't know if the situation changed, now.

If you are an American, this polish vision will be different from your "usual" games.
For me, a European guy, I think it didn't go far enough.

An example : inside the building (All the game is around a unique building..), built during communism time,
the advertisements are all ... in English, like the magazines..
Come on : can you imagine that Chinese used to have advertisements or magazines in full English, during Mao's era ? NO !!
it's my only CON against this game, I really liked the game.

The game is for adults : it tackles subjects like shame, violence, pedophilia , ... it's not "graphic" but more in the texts and speech of some NPCs.

Bloober Team did really a very good job here and "digested" Silent Hill ideas in order to create something new.
There is only one ending in the game.
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