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v5.7.4 is out now, but there is something wrong with 32-bit installer on my 64-bit Windows 10. After checking for the integrity of the files, which passes successfully, in the next couple of seconds, a message is displayed that the game is installed. If I uncheck the check for integrity, then the installer immediately says that game was installed successfully. This was never happened before v5.7.4, and on my 64-bit system I could always install both versions of the game: 64-bit and 32-bit respectively. I already redownloaded the 32-bit installer, but it didn't bring any result. What do I do wrong in this case, or from now on only the 32-bit Windows version is needed to install the 32-bit version of the game?
installed 5.7.4 (but 64 bit) and it worked well. like often on gog theres no changelog. maybe they just played again with a new version number system, wouldnt be the first time, who knows.