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Well, finally Final Cut is out and of course they F-ed something up.

So the problem I have is: I play on 1280*1024 resolution and the game screen in journal is out of the screen - off screen.


Any help would be great since I waited about 2-3 years for this to be finished and can't enjoy it even now!
Post edited July 22, 2017 by GlorFindel
Same problem here. Journel dates are partially out of screen.
I've got a similar resolution related problem. It seems to me the game works properly only 16:9 resolutions and nothing else (maybe 16:10 is still fine). I've tried to play it in a 21:9 resolution ("ultra wide") and one issue that appears throughout the whole game is the camera often cuts of important parts that should be visible, such as peoples heads in cut scenes.
While it looks weird, I could probably live with it, but there is another resolution bug that only appears in 21:9. When selecting an item from the inventory, no controls are visible whatsoever. That makes solving certain puzzles impossible (like the one in Propast where you have to open the vents).

I find it kind of strange that after all this time the developers didn't notice this.