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I'm playing TLJ on Windows 10. When I'm ready to quit the game, using the menu's Quit option pops up a white dialog. It kind of flashes and I can see it says "quit, yes/no?" but I'm unable to click either the yes or no buttons, and pressing keys doesn't work. Additionally, I can't use my keyboard to escape the game - alt+tab doesn't work, nor does pressing the Windows key. I can only put my laptop into sleep mode, wake it back up, and then I'm at my desktop with the game still running in the background. The game still has at least part of my keyboard's focus, though, so I have to use my mouse to get the task manager and crash the game that way. Is there a fix for this?
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this bug is well known. bugfix: check this post:

edit: oops, was reading it wrong. thaught u see a white empty exit-box. but i think theres a big chance this bugfix will help.
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