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The file "" appears to be missing. When I downloaded the Final Cut files I included "all the goodies". Because I was using the GOG Downloader there is no granularity, it's all or nothing. When I compared the new downloaded 'goodies'content to the previous download (which has a date of Jan2016 for me) I see that was not downloaded. All the other 'goodies' were there and haven't changed, including "". And of course the new Soundtrack files (the Downloader created a new folder just for these) are present. is completely different from 'se_avatars' and should not be considered equal. 'sp' has 2 files (one each of Zoe and Kian) whereas 'se' has 5 (Zoe, Kian, Nela, Wit, Wonkers).

Did I miss a change of content announcement?
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The avatars removal apparently wasn't intended and it has been already fixed. Read and [url=]here.