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I purchase the special edition of these game but I decided to wait until all 5 chapters were released.

Now that I am going to start playing, I figured that I can download The Final Cut.

Which version would you recommend me to play on my first try? The original 5 chapters or the final cut? I have both versions already downloaded.

for sure i would use the final cut version. bugfixes, deletes scenes added, ingame map and so on. i cant find a reason atm to not use this version...
im not sure atm about what's the reason of your question. both versions are the same game. final cut is just a later version with additional features and small story changes.

edit: btw, if u never played "the longest journey" and "dreamfall" - the final cut got a "journal" of all characters you meet in the game, its maybe helpful for someone who dont know them from the old games.
Post edited August 18, 2017 by Cattie