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I always was reluctant to play any rogue-like game, especially with much of adventure style in it, but TLJH is really different, there is a central purpose in the game (returning to Earth) that you try to pursue in a captivating fashion. It's not a game that you start and eventually you reach the end in some big playing sequence, no. The game is sheer difficult and you will often die, after which you get in for a new procedurally generated round and you are even more eager to succeed.
The good grafics and the outstanding design for the aliens and their quests will give you real motivation to go on, unaware of how many defeats you have taken. You will get better next time, although it will never play out the same way.

If I had a free wish, I would say: Please make this same game in 3D with the player in FP mode! This would have a huge potential. Maybe as a TLJH 2.
Post edited July 07, 2017 by XenonS