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I love GOG and I only use the Steam platform for purchases, as the last resort. I bought this game on GOG, to support the company and to have the game, DRM free.

What I find weird, is that the Steam users, already got the last, new “important” update (the updates are released faster for them). Why doesn’t GOG release the updates, at the same time as Steam?

I also think that now GOG, is asking higher prices; in general, the same price as Steam for the new games. GOG used to charge a little less, then Steam… but that, is another story.

Anyway, any news about the latest update? It’s an important update, because it had an “easier game mode” to the somehow current difficult, game modes.

Kind regards,
I am also waiting for it, but I once read on the forums, that the difference between GOG and steam is, that on Steam the developers can upload their file/update on their own, while on GOG it first has to go through some quality assurance thingy or so.

On the steam forums the devs posted in a thread, that it should be here over the weekend. With a holiday tomorrow I'd give them time until tomorrow :)

Anyway, I will always support gog over steam. I think this is also a question of ressources. Patience is a lost virtue nowadays... just relax ;)
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Hoping for a quick update ;)
Honestly - I was up for a challenge - but after 5 restarts I slowly get frustrated... maybe that's why I never finished Dark Souls xDD

Other than that - I really like the game :)
Schlaumayr: Don't berate others about patience. I bought Expeditions Vikings for premium dollar here and on day one it releases a massive patch fixing gamebreaking bugs and I had to experience an inferior product for a whole week until the patch was released here as well. Some people want, to support the developer buy buying the game for full price on release, and punishing those is really bad for everyone involved.
I wish I'd read this before I bought the game. I was waiting for the updated version and assumed that GOG was selling the patched version. This is a disappointing effort from GOG
I'd assume it's the developer / publisher of the game who disappoints, simply by releasing updates later on GOG. :(
Check your accounts for the update. It landed yesterday but without a notification.
zambrey: Check your accounts for the update. It landed yesterday but without a notification.
Yep, the 'Store' page may not mention it but in your account you will find the newest updates.

As for GOG vs Steam: I'm pleased to buy games without cumbersome DRM and invasive game interfaces to install first and for me this is worth some more money. Also GOG certainly isn't more expensive than Steam because it has its own promotion and wallet system. If you want to get a game cheaper, you will have to be patient though, wait for a periodical promotion that will last several days and you will save a lot.
And: I think GOG has a refined quality assurance system for the games, they will run fine on your system in most cases if told so by the requirements, I see much less unresolved trouble posts in the Community threads, in Steam their native game interface (that sucks for me) is part of the trouble. Not so in GOG.
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