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It's probably a little soon to ask this but in regards to the v1.6 update for Cold Steel 1 has anyone tried it mid playthru? Or rather it would be nice to know from the devs if this impacts the savegames at all? This is one of the potential sleeper issues that come back to bite you later. I just finally got around to starting this series a few days ago. If I had just waited a few days I wouldn't even have to worry about it. But playing the game with the original voice acting... so tempting.

Well I guess I'll see if I can back up my saves. Well the entire install if I can and then just try it. I'll report back if I have any issues. It would be nice to hear an official word though. As this might be an issue for people that decide to play a new game+ with the patch?


Well, there doesn't seem to be any immediate issue. Loaded the saves fine. I'm probably just being paranoid after playing rpgs by a certain company named after a city in Maryland. Time will tell if there is any lurking issues.
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