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After realizing the Internet is surprisingly lacking a well-developed Nihon Falcom fan community (apart from Reddit, which I hate) I have decided to make one myself. If you're interested, feel free to join at: I wanted a fan forum which had qualities that major platforms like Reddit lack (e.g the ability to share unpopular opinions without being down-voted into Gehenna, the ability to post without it being erroneously auto-flagged as spam 90% of the time, e.t.c).

I think it does not qualify as spam for me to mention my new forum - once and only once - in this group. I am in no way profiting from my forum, nor are there ads or anything like that on the forum.

It's pretty small right now, but do consider joining. I am hoping it will grow, and, I do plan on attempting to contact the voice actors/actresses for the Trails games (mostly Cold Steel) to see if, on the slim chance, they may be interested in joining as well.