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The Legend Of Heroes: Trails into Reverie

Version 1.0.3 Release Notes
(copied from steam forums)

Hi everyone,

we've been quite busy over the past few days in order to be able to resolve some of the more important issues encountered in Trails into Reverie.

Here is a summary of the changes and fixes in version 1.0.3:

- Fix some characters missing their link attacks
- Fix two separate instances of potential crashes on some systems in the Magical Girl Alisa minigame.
- Disable AVX in order to support very old or lower-end CPUs.
- Improve GPU-bound performance in VR by 20% or more by leveraging the hidden area mesh.
- Fix the button prompt shown in the battle change tutorial (yes, we missed one).
- Fix the alignment of the "Trails to Walk" HuD in ultrawide aspect ratios.
- Fix the letterboxing of a specific subset of image-based story scenes in <16:9 resolutions.
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Version 1.0.4 Release Notes:

Hi everyone,

this is a quick patch as a follow-up to 1.0.3. It addresses the following issues:

- Fix a regression related to some aspects of ultrawide aspect ratio handling in cutscenes
- Fix an error which would occur after a specific interaction in the VR minigame
Version 1.0.5 Release Notes

Hi everyone,

we've resolved a few more issues in this update:

- Fixed a short sequence during the ending scene playing with EN voices despite JP voice language being selected
- The game now correctly uses the button rebindings selected for battle attack and battle move actions in all relevant circumstances
- Fixed a legacy script issue in the "Intimate Moments" minigame that prevented interaction during one particular question
- Fixed some stretching issues with ultrawide aspect ratio support in the "Horror Coaster" minigame
- Fixed the background of the battle target info screen being stretched in non-16:9 aspect ratios
- Fixed a possible brief flicker when entering the gamepad rebinding menu from the pause menu

Peter "Durante" Thoman
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Version 1.0.6 Release Notes

Hi everyone,

this is another small update which primarily fixes a very specific crash which could sporadically occur on some systems:

- Fix a potential crash which could happen at some framerates during a specific cutscene in "A Maiden's Melancholy"
- Fix some button prompts in a few help notes not correctly reflecting control re-bindings

Peter "Durante" Thoman
Version 1.0.7 Release Notes

Hi everyone,

this update fixes a rare condition which could lead to black screens on scene changes, as well as several other smaller issues.

Here are the full patch notes:

- Fix a deadlock
which could occur on some systems in rare circumstances, leading to the game becoming stuck on a black screen during loading
/ scene transitions.
Sorry to those that were affected that it took until now to resolve this -- we were unable to reproduce it on any of our internal or external test systems until now.

- Fix a softlock
issue in a small subset of battles, where very high frametime spikes (i.e. when performing an elaborate craft or art on a slower system) could lead to characters falling through the floor

- Improve vertical culling of objects on an interior map.

- Fix the alignment of the battle turn counter in ultrawide aspect ratios.

- Fix a specific late-game button prompt.

- Fix the "Millennial Trove" shop name in its header.

- Replace some mentions of "trophies" with "achievements"

Since one of the first questions in the comments in patch notes for Reverie is frequently concerning fixes to various text issues which are not PC-specific, I'd like to note here that these are being worked on for all versions of the game. We will of course integrate these fixes as soon as they are available.

Peter "Durante" Thoman
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Version 1.1.4 Release Notes
Hi everyone,

it's here! This update includes all the localization improvements which are also available for other platform versions of the game, and we took this opportunity to improve the encoding quality of all English and Japanese voice files on PC.

Update English text, images and all other assets with various localization fixes and improvements
Re-balance English voice lines.
Improve encoding quality of all Japanese and English voice lines.
Improve support for Steam Dynamic Cloud Sync.
Various other minor fixes.

Note that, primarily due to the increase in audio quality, this update increases the storage requirements of the game by roughly 2 GB.

While we expect this patch to improve the situations for all users, with the great variety of hardware and software configurations available on PC this is not always guaranteed in all circumstances. As such, you can return to previous versions of the game by selecting the any of the public "version_*" branches on Steam.

Peter "Durante" Thoman