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So, i've already finished Trails in the Sky 1+2 and i'm halfway through Trails in the Sky 3.
As Trails of Cold Steel is a "new" Series, my question is, will i miss some cameos, or will not
understand every side mission, or is the Trails of Cold Steel Series that much detached from the Trails in the
Sky Series that i can start right away without missing something which is shown at the end of Trails in the Sky 3?
If you're half-way on 3rd, you might as well finish it. That said, you won't miss much because Cold Steel is largely its own arc and you're already far enough into the Sky series to get most of the references. That said, seeing that you're playing should REALLY, REALLY play until Star Door 8 at least. (it's the Star Door on Plane 5 requiring Olivier and Mueller) That door is essentially a prologue to the Cold Steel arc and sets up pretty much the whole story of Cold Steel.
okay, thanks, then i'll continue Trails 3 and finish it and will then start with Cold Steel.
Thanks for the answer and the help.
Good to know. I came looking for similar info, though I am not as far along. Thank you.
AHH, now i know why i stopped.
I was getting crushed at the Sun Door where you have to fish.
I was getting along well till the last oponent appeared (15 fish to get).
There i seem to not get the moment right to get the fish out.
Although i wait till the "!" appears and then click the "a" (confirm) button i always loose the fish (or most of the time).
That did frustrate me so i did stop playing.

Well, lets see were the main story was and how i get to Plane 5 and Star Door 8.
Thanks for all the feedback anyway.