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I'm trying to configure GoG version on Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky to work on the Mac via Crossover with Playstation 3 controller.

Yes, I know it is strange setup, but I made almost everything work flawlessly except one small detail: Controller's right analog stick ot working.

Basically the problem is following: Controller's mapping in Windows differ from controller's mapping on Mac OS X.

For example on Windows (with motionjoy driver) key mappings will be following:

1. Arrows will be mapped to POV hat.
2. Sticks will be mapped to X,Y axis and Rx, Ry axis.

This way they works in game without problems.

But on Mac OS X controller will have different mappings:

1. Arrows will be mapped to button 5, button 6, button 7, button 8.
2. Sticks will be mapped to X,Y axis and Z,Rz axis.

So by default only left stick will work because it have same mappings.

I can make arrows work by using Mac utility which maps keyboard's keys to controllers. So the only problem that left is changing axis for right stick.

So my question is:

Is there any way to change stick's axis settings from Rx,Ry to Z,Rz or is it impossible? I wasn't able to find it in config utility, but maybe it's possible by change it in text config files?

Thank you.
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Also you don't have movies, crossover wine doesn't support mfplat.dll yet. Wine staging does though.

As to your control problems you can try USB overdrive, but aside from that, OSX doesn't give you a lot of options to configure/calibrate gamepads/joysticks
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