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Are there any consequences for fleeing from battle?

Sometimes, I just want to explore a place first for the treasure without distraction from monsters.
Will fleeing affect anything?
No. While the amounts of time you run is logged in the statistics page of your bracer notebook, there's no consequence for doing so. It's not until the 3rd game that you'll be able to get a rare item for either fleeing as much as possible or as little as possible.
I see. Thanks for your reply.

So are you saying that you can get different rare item depending on whether you flee or not?

That means you don't flee at all you get one rare item.
You flee a lot of times and you get another rare item.

If you flee only a few times, you end up not getting any rare item.

Is that the case for the 3rd game?

Anyway, what are the rare items?
Which rare item is better?
I never played the 3rd so I have only hearsay, but that's what I heard.

The items are apparantly the physical and magical variety of a "return damage" accessory. That is...enemy hits you for 4000 hp damage and immediately receives 1000 damage in return. That kind of thing.

Anyway, this is something you won't have to worry about for a looong time, since XSeed hasn't even started on the 3rd game yet, though if SC has as good a week as FC had, it's probably all but inevitable that they'll pick it up.
I see. Thanks :-)
I would hope there are no negative consequences. I've never wanted to flee, but three times now I've accidentally selected the "flee" command when navigating the menu. It's far too easy to activate by mistake, unfortunately...
I often fled. Rarely for important fights (apart from 2 "chest" battles, for which I was underprepared), but when I don't want to deal with "randommonster #7841" (or when said randommonster is handling me my ass), the flee option is a real timesaver :)

The fact that you don't really have to grind in this game (I just had to do some "cristal hunting" on 2 occasions, and it was completely optional), and thus avoiding combat is a real option, is something I really like :)
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