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The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Changelog for Patch gog-11 / GOG-11 (added 21 December 2016):

- Added an option to the Options Menu for Orbment Style; This allows the player to use colored Orbment lines, like in all later games and more recent versions. This is much more convenient and easy-to-understand than the game's classic implementation. Three styles are provided: The original single-colored style from the Japanese PC release, a basic colored style that keeps the original aesthetic largely intact, and a style that is more similar to later games.
- Slightly rearranged the Options Menu to put the voice toggle with the rest of the sound options.
- Added an indicator for the default volume levels in the Options Menu, similar to SC and later.
- Updated Arts and Crafts descriptions to standardize them and fix some mistakes and oversights. This should be much more consistent and easy to read in spots now, as well as removing some infamous typos.
- Fixed a couple of minor typos in item descriptions.
- Fixed a long-standing bug where menu descriptions could mysteriously go missing when moving between sections of the in-game main menu.
- Completely revamped the Monster Guide on a code level, which gave it a lot of improvements under the hood. Outdated names and descriptions have been fixed, the layout has been cleaned up, and text will no longer appear misaligned. Status resistance display will also no longer appear glitched when there is a certain number of resistances. Additionally, area labels will look slightly cleaner now, and the arrows on the side of the Guide window will slightly move to acknowledge highlighting. The last boss's page in the guide has a slightly altered layout. Additionally, a couple of minor ease-of-use improvements were made to allow the Monster Guide to flip cleanly between the first and last monster entries when using the mouse. Lastly, boss names will consistently appear in red in FC as they do in SC.
- Implemented S-Craft animation skipping. This can be triggered through use of the cancel button, whatever it may be. On keyboard, this defaults to the Escape key. On mouse, this defaults to Right Click. When triggered, the screen will go dark briefly, and then the S-Craft's effects will immediately resolve without further lengthy animation. Any bugs with battle animations or skipping should be reported.
- The information display window for enemies in battle has been massively revamped. It should now appear cleaner, better-aligned, and easier-to-read. This should also bring more consistency between how information is displayed for certain monsters.
- Some fixes have been made to the game's graphics engine to hopefully prevent the game from choosing the wrong color depth when running in full screen display modes.
- An obscure bug has been fixed in which using a combination of mouse and keyboard or gamepad to open the in-game main menu in quick succession could result in the menu bar disappearing, potentially resulting in an inescapable soft lock.
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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

Changelog for Patch 1.2 (added 16 August 2017):

Bug fixes
-Fix text rendering corruption issue when button prompts are displayed on some systems-Fix Depth of Field issue in cutscenes on Intel GPUs with MSAA enabled-Do not close the game when Alt+F4 is pressed and another program has the focus-Fixed some minor text issues-Fix repeated keypresses at high (unlocked) framerates.-Input should now behave as expected up to at least 250 FPS.-Fix some minor text/linebreak issues (more to come!).-Fix one potential cause for sporadic crashes on some systems.-[Japanese version] Fix button prompt setting not applying to Japanese version (all prompts should now be correct, but the explanatory notes are not yet handled)

-Improved the performance of the Depth of Field implementation, especially with MSAA.(basic DoF should be improved by around 10% with 4xMSAA, high quality DoF should be improved by up to a factor of 3)

New Features
-Added an option to skip all movies-Added configurable speedup factors for Turbo mode(separate factors for battle and field exploration are possible)-Added a Mouse Sensitivity option to the mouse / keyboard configuration menu(also reworked mouse camera controls to eliminate acceleration)-Added Autosaves. The autosave interval can be configured in the launcher.-Added a Quit Game option to the main menu (though why would you want to quit?)
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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

Changelog for Patch 1.3.5 (added 14 September 2017):

* We're happy to announce the release of version 1.3.5 of ToCS!
* It contains fixes to crash bugs which affected some users, as well as significant graphics fixes/improvements to Bareahard and some more text changes.
* The full changelog from version 1.3 follows:

Text improvements
- Fix reference to console version in some tutorial text.
- Fix book text layout in a few chapters.
- More text fixes throughout the game.

Bug fixes
- Fix crash issue on some configurations in a chapter 5 cutscene (might also affect other locations).
- Fix intermittent crash issue on some systems related to an XAudio dll reference counting bug.

Graphics improvements
- Generate correct mip-maps and rebuild map assets for Bareahard (fixes flickering of many ground and object textures).
So First Chapter has seen 3 patches since December '16, but there are no changelogs on Galaxy nor here...
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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

Changelog for Patch 1.0.6442.33141 (Patch 1.4) (added 31 October 2017):

I'm happy to announce the release of version 1.4 of ToCS!
It primarily contains texture fixes for many translated signs and other text in the English version of the game, as well as a sompletely reworked HBAO integration.
Note that this update is slightly larger than usual due to the texture fixes.

The full changelog from version 1.3.5 follows:

Bug fixes:
* Fix persistent xaudio dll error popup message on some systems.

Graphics improvements:
* Complete re-write of ambient occlusion (HBAO+) integration.( [(\\](\\]]](\\\\) )
* Improves HBAO interaction with character skin in closeups.
* Fades out AO effect based on current area fog level.
* Fixes AO artifacts (e.g. on skyboxes).

* Fix various English text errors in textures.
Below are the Steam patch notes for the Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel.

Patch 1.5 (Build 2337650) Release Notes
Hi everyone!

I just released a new patch which makes a number of improvements.

Bug fixes

Fix rendering bug affecting "stealth" effects (i.e. Airgetlam fading in/out)
Fix Z ordering error with some transparent effects when HBAO is active
(this error was introduced in 1.4)
Fix camera positioning issue at 60 FPS in a Chapter 5 cutscene (Eisengraf)

Graphics improvements

Make fog-dependent AO fade-out work as intended on all maps
Change the sprint blur effect to more closely resemble the console version


Fix shadow casting issue on some NPCs using the maid-uniform mesh
(See )
Fix Z-fighting issue on distant geometry at Dreichels Plaza
Fix Z-fighting and shadow issues at Sachsen Iron Mine


Add version number display to title screen

Unless a new issue shows up based on this patch, the next patch will likely happen after ToCS2 releases.