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This has been an issue already in FC and SC, and in 3rd it's still the same thing. Achievements are quite buggy. Some are not picked up, others are wrongly picked up. Examples:

- Complete all Moon Doors
- Complete all Star Doors

I have finished these and no achievement. I did get the "Complete all Sun doors" achievement though for whatever reason. The funniest one is a mix-up of the special reward you get for either not running for 300 battles or running from 300 battles. I ran from no fights, the source at the last chapter even said so and gave me a reward, yet I got the "flighty fighter" achievement that you get for running from 300 fights.

Ah, is there an achievement for getting all recipes? I haven't seen one despite having them all. Neither did I in the earlier games where it was supposed to be an achievement.
Doors and Fierce Fighter achievements worked fine for me, but I think there are still some bugs elsewhere:
- I got the Sidetracked Chest-Tracker achievement halfway through the 3rd chapter - pretty sure that's way too early
- I'm pretty sure I should've gotten the Bookworm achievement, but haven't (and since it's showing that 0.0% have gotten it, I'd imagine it's broken)
I got the "Armor Connoisseur" near the beginning of chapter 1. The last thing I did was getting a good weapon for Joshua in the mist area to the north, just before going to Bose.

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I just got my first achievement in Trails in the sky 1, "the perfect package", which apparently is related to an endgame quest from what I could gather with some quick googling? I haven't even finished the prologue. Oh well.