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I am on chapter 2 now and have frequently experienced this bug, thought it was linked to the one type of monster but turns out I am wrong as I have experienced this problem with other monsters as well now. Have reached the part at the warehouse where I fight the Ravens over the orphanage burning and trying to save the kid. Happened yet again where my character had full health got hit for 3rd of there life points only and died. Full health character gets hit for like 200 - 300 hp damage out 800 hp and dead. Not sure how the game can not understand that 200 - 300 damage does not equal 800 hp. This is getting extremely annoying, I am surprised this bug has not been fixed considering how many times I have experienced this so far in Chapter 2 of the game.
If this is a bug, so it's a priority bug to be fixed. But I never experienced this myself in the whole game, so I don't know.

I think it's possible to be a bug since I was using patch around Chapter 2, not believe you're playing it with

Anyway, I don't think there were too many monsters with deathblow attacks(attacks that kill you with one hit, not being a bug) in Chapter 2, so it's really weird to hear this.
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Hm... i may be wrong, but this is not a bug.
As far i remember, certain monsters and The Ravens can kill you with one hit, regardless how much HP you have.

Can't say if this is really a bug, since never happened to me, even without patches.
It's very annoying this death blow feature. Sounds like I just need to slow down and take the time to level up my character more as I do know I am pushing things a bit at this point in the game as my character would be better if I leveled them more. Trying to get ahead in the game but I have failed to make the appropriate time to level my character and make them stronger.

Thanks for the feed back as I was wondering what was going on in game.
It sounds like a Deathblow one-hit-kill attack. Some monsters have those. Remember that you do too, with some orbs and spells. You can find an accessory or two against it. In any case it happened quite rarely to me, far more often it happened that I OHK'ed a monster.
I really don't remember the number of enemies that kill you with deathblow in Chapter 2.

But I just remembered something important. When the enemy kill you with one hit, is there an effect that looks like rising fragments of light that comes out from your character?

Generally deathblow attacks(such as Shadow Spear or normal attacks, or other ones that I can't remember now), when successful, shows up this sort of visual effect. If it does, then it's not a bug.

Try to find some Skull Pendants to your characters, there's a enemy around Chapter 2, I guess, that drops it. It's a flying jelly thing that can be found through some of the roads that leads you from a zone to another. I believe you can't buy Skull Pendants at this point. Anyway, they protect you against deathblows.
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