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Alpha 5 ("Schwarzenegger & Stallone") was released yesterday along with an update video.

Information on bugs mentioned in the changelog below can be found on the bug tracker. The changelog is here:

There is a research & development system allowing you to unlock advanced technologies.
All R&D is performed by Scientists (a new entity type) and uses Science Stations and Supercomputers.
You can unlock equipment blueprints, performance enhancements, and Stargate Updates.

NEW EQUIPMENT : Science station
NEW EQUIPMENT : Super computer
NEW EQUIPMENT : Energy Transmitter
NEW CREW: Scientists

A new research screen allows you to direct your science team efforts.

Phases 3 and 4 of the Stargate project are now available for completion.

Phase 3 requires science research to complete.
Phase 4 requires an energy test, with your ships providing sufficient energy to the stargate for a fixed period.

Opposition - There are now hostile forces within the sector who oppose the construction of the stargate. Their threat level will slowly increase as you make progress.

The central stargate system will now 're-stock' periodically on critical equipment and resources
Asteroid minerals will now be merged into larger stacks when there are so many in space that it begins to affect performance (>1000 minerals close together)

NEW EQUIPMENT: Small Robot Arm - A Robot Arm variant with an arm length of 1
NEW EQUIPMENT: Smart Robot Arm => A Robot Arm that only picks up specified objects

Robot Arms now require 1MW of power each
Robot Arms now combine containers of the same type like Entities
New & Improved FTL window

Issue #24: Battle stations button missing
Issue #29: Mission cargo not unloading (partially fixed in Alpha 4, but not with tiddlets)
Issue #39: Destroyed spacesuit remaining on entity
Issue #30: Fusion reactor rendering weird effects on ship
Issue #60: Crew no longer invisible when deleting spacesuit
Issue #51: Robot Arms can now add and remove fuel cannisters from fuel loaders. Robot Arms can now add and remove Compost and Seeds from Hydroponic Garden. Robot arms can now add and remove FTL Charges from FTL Drives. Robot Arms can now add drones to and remove Cargo from Drone Bays.
Issue #52: Crew in Spacesuits can no longer be picked up by Robot Arms or carried by Tracks
Issue #61: Robot Arms picking up each other's items
Issue #73: Robot Arms can no longer pick up items through walls
Issue #54: Fixes Drones picking up Entities Issue
Issue #65: Tracks no longer get stuck and unable to move an item into an 'empty' space
Issue #67: Fixes Storage Areas not persisting in save games if there is a track on top of them
Issue #56: Craftable equipment no longer thinks it's a factory and is no longer right clickable
Multiple jobs can no longer have the same Id
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